This thermometer is offered as an alternative for those who prefer an ac powered device.

The thermometer is made especially for processing maple syrup. It uses a resistance temperature detector in the tip of a 1/4 inch stainless steel tube which is 18 inches long with a 12 foot lead. The accuracy over the range of -40 to + 300 degrees fahrenheit is better than 1%. It is calibrated to 0.1 degrees at the freezing and boiling points of water and the resolution is 0.1 degrees fahrenheit. The numerals in the display are inches high and are easily seen at a distance. A pan bracket is included.

Press the top button and the display will show the barometric pressure. Press it again and the display will show the boiling point of water. Press the button a third time and the display returns to temperature.

The thermometer alarm can be set with up and down buttons. When the temperature rises to the alarm temperature, the horn will sound and a red lamp will flash.

The warranty period is two years.

110 vac Thermometer with Barometer and Alarm