The sap tank monitor provides a visual and audible alarm when a distant sap tank is nearly empty or nearly full.

Two stainless steel rods are placed in the tank, one near the bottom and the other near the top. When the bottom rod touches the sap, a green lamp on the monitor will light. When the top rod touches the sap, the orange lamp will light. If the bottom rod is immersed but the top rod is not, the green lamp will be lit, the orange lamp will be out and the red lamp will blink every two seconds to show that the monitor is operating normally.

If the tank is nearly empty, the bottom rod will be dry and both green and orange lamps will be out. The red lamp will flash and a horn will beep. If the tank is full, the top rod will be immersed and both green and orange lamps will be lit. This condition also causes an alarm and the horn will sound and the red lamp will flash.

The tank may be as much as 5000 feet from the monitor. The monitor uses 110 vac power but power is not needed at the tank.

The tank monitor has a two year warranty.